Is It Possible To Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls?

If you’ve been to our website before, than you know that we often talk about SpyBubble – a cell phone monitoring program that lets you see someone’s text messages, look at their phone call history etc.  But you might be wondering if it’s possible to listen to someone’s phone calls.

And as you probably know, this isn’t possible with SpyBubble.  It’s a powerful program, but it doesn’t let you hear the conversations from the phone.


So can you listen to someone’s phone calls?

If you need to be able to listen in to phone calls, there is a program that will give you this option.  It does everything that SpyBubble does with the added benefit of giving you cell phone call surveillance, something that can be extremely useful.

It’s called SpyPhone Gold – check it out here


listen to phone callsNow I should be up front – it comes at a price.  The program itself is a couple hundred bucks, so quite a bit more than SpyBubble.  However the technology used to listen to someone’s phone calls is a lot more advanced so it comes at a price.

But if you’re willing to fork out the big bucks, you’ll be able to listen to someone’s calls whenever you want.

Any call they make or received, you can hear.  It’s that powerful.


And there’s also a remote “live surroundings monitoring” feature that lets you listen in to what’s happening around the phone.

What does that mean?

It works by activating the microphone on the phone on your command and transmitting the sound from around the phone to you.  So let’s say that the person has their phone out on the table at a coffee shop while they’re chatting with a friend.  This feature will let you hear what they’re saying and of course, the person won’t know that you’re listening (or that anyone is).


Spyphone Gold is a great program.  It’s not usually our first recommendation because it’s expensive, so if you don’t need to listen to someone’s phone calls then there are cheaper options.

However, if you want to hear what someone is saying on the phone, then there’s no better option.

Check it out here > > >

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