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Get Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

get someones text messagesThere’s a lot to learn about another person if you can get someone’s text messages!  Imagine having the power to see all of someone’s texts – you would quickly know a lot about what’s going on in that person’s life!

So the question is, how is it possible to get someone’s text messages without needing to take their phone?


And as surprising as it might be, it’s EASY to see someone’s texts…


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A Simple Way To Get Someone’s Texts…


SpyBubble is a software program that makes cell phone surveillance possible.  It’s a discrete way of being able to monitor everything that another person does on their cell phone.

And this program might look like it’s straight out of a Jame Bond movie, but it’s incredibly easy to use…


With SpyBubble you have the power to install the software on any cell phone and then see details about all the usage from the phone.  It’s a full monitoring software that will show you in full detail what the person has done on the phone.

And it does more than just let you get someone’s texts from the phone.  It’s probably the most used feature, but there’s a lot more to it!


With this program you can read all of someone’s texts, go through the entire call history from the phone, look at pictures taken on the phone, see their mobile web browsing history, look over their contact list and quite a bit more.

And the newest feature lets you tap into their phone calls and listen to their phone calls.  This is an advanced feature that was just recently released.  This one packs a lot of bunch and really gives you an inside look into the person’s life.


There’s a lot of uses for this kind of software as I’m sure you’ve already though.  For full features check out their website


Check it out > > >


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